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Free software to keep track of disaster events. We help develop it and we provide free hosting.

SmartSearch is the first professional search engine that will run on ANY web site, even if it doesn't have CGI, database or any other functional capabilities. SmartSearch is also designed to be used if you need a search engine on static HTML pages and PDF documents in CD's, DVD's, USB keys, or you just want to put them in a folder for public access in your intranet.

SmartSearch is a JavaScript based search system that performs full-text indexed searches on the contents of a entire site or CD at a flashing speed. Give your Web site, DVD, USB or CD a proffesional look and feel adding SmartSearch and allowing your users to search!!

ProRobot is a 100% Java based Search Engine with its own powerful crawler that explores automatically any set of websites, in order to create indexes that will allow your users to perform full-text searches. ProRobot is also the software that creates, easily and automatically , the full-text-indexes that SmartSearch requires. 

This is a ProRobot/SmartSearch query box: 

To see a complete demo use of SmartSearch click here

PersonalRobot is a powerful desktop crawler that lets you explore automatically any site, especially those with no search functionality, allowing you to search them very quickly. In addition, it can be used to to detect broken links in a site and to conduct load stress tests of a site, by simulating a heavy workload.

Download PersonalRobot here

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